15kva Single Phase Genset Roadtow

These generators are perfect for small weddings and events. Also ideal for Temporary power on building sites.

Fitted with 3x 32amp single phase outlets individually covered by a 32amp breaker. RCD protection covering all sockets.


  • Size – 15kva single phase
  • Output – 12kw
  • Fuel tank capacity – 45ltr
  • Run time – 13hours at 75%
  • Weight – 462kg

50kva Three Phase Genset Roadtow

Ideal for larger events, this generator provides ample power for running larger weddings, temporary kitchens and temporary power for larger building sites. All protected by individual breakers and RCD.

Fitted with 1x 63amp, 1x 32amp three phase outlets. 1x 32amp, 1x 16amp single phase outlets. 1x 32amp, 1x 16amp 110v outlets.


  • Size – 50kva three phase

  • Output – 47kw

  • Fuel tank capacity – 90ltr

  • Run time – 14hours at 75%

  • Weight – 1174kg

Fully Portable 220Ltr Diesel Bowser

This 220litre Diesel bowser is fully portable using the trolley (provided). Ideal for use with our generators for refueling.
With a 5m fuel hose and triggered nozzle to save any unwanted spillage.
Pump also has a 5m lead for connection to a 12/24v battery (provided)


  • Polyethylene. Length: 1030mm Width: 600mm Height: 600mm

  • 50ltr per minute pump. Max run time: 30min

  • Unladen weight: 17kg Laden weight: 237kg Capacity: 220Ltr

Bateson Unbraked Ramped Trailor

Our Bateson trailors are very light-weight trailors but made with galvonised steel to keep them strong. With a twin axel making them easy to manoeuvre.
With a drop down ramp with 2 pins
Ideal for small moves or household rubbish clearance.
For use on or off road.


  • Galvanised Steel

  • Unladen weight – 223kg         Capacity –  537kg

  • External Length – 3150mm    Width – 1390mm

  • Internal Length  – 2100mm    Width – 1250mm    Height – 990mm